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Harp on cobblestones

Weddings & Special Events

A ceremony or event complete with an experienced harpist is as beautiful to see as to hear. The melodies of the harp help to accentuate your unique and special day, giving your guests an experience to remember and cherish.


I will work directly with you to provide the musical experience you are looking for. Below is an outline of a typical ceremony and reception, with some suggested music. Everything is customizable to your taste and expectations, and song requests are always welcome.

What to expect:


  • Prelude: As your guests arrive they will be greeted by familiar tunes played on the harp. This period is usually a mix of popular songs and classical melodies, which will set a relaxing and thoughtful tone to the event. Meaningful songs to the happy couple can easily be added to the playlist.


  • Processional: The mothers of the bride and groom, the bridal party, and the flower girl proceed down the aisle to the processional music. The bride and groom will have full freedom to select music that is special to them, or I can provide a list of traditional options such as Canon in D.


  • Bridal Processional: Once the final member of the processional arrives, I'll cue the audience with a beautiful glissando before starting the bridal 


Golf course wedding with harp


      processional song. The musical selection can be the traditional Bridal Chorus, or any other song that the bride and groom prefer. In the        past I have played a variety of less traditional songs for the bridal processional, including the theme song from Jurassic Park, video              game music from the Legend of Zelda, and Bruce Springsteen’s The Secret Garden. 

  • Unity Candles/ Unity Sand/ Hand Fastening Ceremony:  If the bride and groom would like, I can play a short passage of classical music which accompanies the thoughtfulness of the moment. If there is a song or melody that holds significance to the bride and groom, this is a nice period in the ceremony to include it.

  • Recessional: After the newlyweds are introduced to the guests following the kiss, I typically begin playing festive and familiar tunes, starting with The Wedding March, then moving on to light and jovial music.

  • Postlude: Once the bride, groom, and wedding party have left, I begin playing postlude music for the guests. As they begin to mobilize towards the reception they will be accompanied by a mix of classical and popular tunes, similar to the prelude music. The bride and groom are welcome to select the music for this portion of the ceremony.

  • Reception: The harp can usually be moved from the ceremony site to the reception site. Or, some people prefer to use the harp exclusively for the reception rather than the ceremony. Generally for reception music the bride and groom will request a handful of songs that they would like to hear throughout the reception, and the rest of the music is a nice mix of popular and classical tunes. 

You have full freedom to the set up and music selection, allowing you to express your individuality on your wedding day. 

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