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Outdoor harp


Please enjoy these selections from various recent performances and events.

Kygo music video

Music video at the Wynn golf course. Small orchestra brought in to accompany Kygo's song Stargazing.

Harp performance

Black Box Theater performance

Harp and Trumpet

Harp and Trumpet photoshoot to advertise for our upcoming concerto performance

Harp at rehearsal

Opera rehearsal with Metropolitan Opera Orchestra conductor Gregory Buchalter

Harp Recital

Recital poster, created by local artist

Concerto in Panama

Concerto poster for the Mozart Flute and Harp concerto performance in Panama.

Harp and Bassoon

Recital for Harp and Bassoon

The Crown of Ariadne

Solo recital performing the crown of Ariadne by R Murray Schafer

Harp and sunset

Outdoor photo shoot with local photographer

Harp Trio

The most fun holiday tradition! Harp trio at GVPC.

Harp and dancer

Collaboration with dancers to perform The Music Box ballet

Harp at wedding

Photo from fantastic local photographer Natalie Perez

Harp at Smith Center

Smith center performance

Las Vegas Musicians

After a contemporary music performance at the New England Conservatory, with fellow Nevada musicians

Harp music with choir

Christmas Eve performance with choir

Harp music at museum

Performing at the Barrick Museum for Art and Music Day

Harp in opera

At rehearsal

Christmas harp music

A lovely holiday tradition, the living Christmas tree

Harp Music in Reno

Playing a triple strung Welsh harp

Two harps on stage

Las Vegas philharmonic concert at the Smith Center, performing the score for Casablanca

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