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Special Occasions



Adding harp music to your special event will enhance the experience for yourself and your guests, creating a beautiful atmosphere to match the mood. 


The harp is a versatile instrument which makes it ideal for all occasions and different music styles. Classical, pop, jazz, show tunes, and all other special requests sound beautiful and unique when played on the harp. 



The harp is a valuable addition to:


  • Cocktail hours

  • Receptions

  • Luncheons

  • Afternoon Tea

  • Funerals​

  • Vigils

  • Birthday parties

  • Debutante Balls

  • Formal dinners

  • Banquets and award ceremonies

  • Religious services

  • Holiday parties



My experience performing at various events spans over ten years. I have received many different requests and have been able to accommodate each one. Some examples of performance requests have been:





  • A movie themed evening, to include only songs from familiar movie soundtracks

  • A luncheon with a solo performance of Patriotic songs

  • A reception to include British military songs (that the guests sang along with!)

  • A funeral with a solo performance of Nearer My God to Thee

  • A debutante ball with 17 individually selected pop songs by each girl

  • Solo Christmas songs during a religious service


The options are limitless! Call or email me to discuss your event: 702-858-8651 or

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